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Thanks a lot for your willingness to contribute your translation talent to this year's climate camp. This survey helps us learn more about how you can help us and how we can help you
There are 10 questions in this survey.
Translator survey
What's your name? (How do you prefer to be called?)
What's your e-mail address?
What's your phone number?
How many half-days (~3h) would you prefer to translate and what is the maximum number of half-days you would feel comfortable to translate?
The program part of the climate camp is five days long (Sunday to Tuesday, Thursday to Friday) with summer schools and workshops in the morning (10:00-13:00) and workshops in the afternoon (15:00-18:00). At which dates would you generally be available?
Sunday (22.05.) morning
Sunday (22.05.) afternoon
Monday morning
Monday afternoon
Tuesday morning
Tuesday afternoon
Thursday morning
Thursday afternoon
Friday (27.05.) morning
Friday (27.05.) afternoon
Which languages are you able to translate?
Can you interpret sign language?
Do you have friends or acquaintances who might be also interested in translating at the climate camp?
At the moment we cannot pledge a specific amount as payment for translation. What is the minimum amount (in EUR) you would want as payment per three hour slot? (if any)
Is there anything else you would like us to know or would like to know from us?